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Bradley Ericson
3SecondReceipts has developed a platform that enables the creation of a digital receipt to replace costly, wasteful paper receipts! With our digital receipt POS software, we’ve developed CampusReceipts.com which is the first site aimed at digitally managing a students on-campus life. With CampusReceipts, we’re making “your life simplified” by organizing your campus purchases and rewarding you for spending smart!


Eric Koester
Giving is better together. And our mission at 501k is to make giving easier, simpler and focused on giving to all of the charities you care about. We make it easy to build a portfolio of charities, share that portfolio with friends and make small, repeatable donations with a single click of the button. Together we can inspire and empower one another to make a difference one portfolio at a time.

Aesir Metals

Sarah Jordan
Aesir Metals is an advanced materials company who believes “As Cast Adds More Value”. What we mean by this is that our ultimate goal is to eliminate all non–value added process steps in metal creation. Metal components should be melted, cast, and ready to use.

So far, with a SBA loan for equipment and a line of credit we have designed and fabricated custom equipment for lost foam casting, a process which eliminates the need for machining, welding, and assembly. We have a few standard lost foam orders which help bring us closer to being cash flow positive. But what we are really working on are several innovative paradigm shifting technologies.

We have successfully sampled these technologies as prototypes for customers such as Caterpillar, Tuthill, Hollister Whitney, and McDonald Steel and are working to achieve production orders using the new technologies.

A few examples:

  1. We are beta testing COEDI, a process/material that eliminates heat treating, in draw dies for the tubing industry (PTC Alliance) and for wear resistant parts for Joy Mining.
  2. We are the only known lost foam caster of stainless steel. One prototype recently cast was 0.100” thick and is to be used as a replacement part for a metal stamping.
  3. We are now working with several customers on the concept of “Patternless Casting”. Customers can eliminate the need to build, store, and maintain foundry patterns by using lost foam casting and direct machined foams (DFM).

This is more cost effective than traditional foundry practices for prototypes, replacement parts, and instances where 100 parts per year or less are needed.

Aethon Advertising

Jack Sun
Aethon Advertising will spur the wide adoption of solar LED streetlights and significantly accelerate the clean energy revolution. We are going to replace every street, roadway, and courtyard light with solar powered LED lighting, and we are going to do it for free. We are going to do this profitably by taking advantage of the unique attributes of lampposts as advertising media to build the most powerful green outdoor advertising network in the country.

We reduce electricity usage, we eliminate maintenance and electrical wiring costs, and we drive customers to local businesses. Through profit–sharing agreements with our partners, we help them generate significant revenue from a previously costly asset.

Ambassadors of the Environment

Richard Murphy
The Ambassadors of the Environment series will be based upon the principles and curriculum of the Jean– Michel Cousteau Ocean Futures Society’s existing, successful Ambassadors of the Environment program. Developed over the last 15 years by Dr. Richard Murphy, Ph.D. and Jean–Michel Cousteau, recipient of Environmental Hero Award, the engaging and educational program is designed to help prepare the next generations to become responsible stewards of the planet. Currently, the programs are operational in 10 locations worldwide, including the Ritz–Carlton Grand Cayman where it was rated #1 on ABC News “10 Best Resort Kids’ Programs” on October 14, 2010.

The series will deputize the children of the world to become the ambassadors of our environment in tangible ways, while having fun in the process. Our goal is to educate children of all ages, on a global scale, about how to become environmental stewards for our planet. The objective is to create a hands–on, multi–platform broadcast, which will encourage all children to engage in and care for the natural world around them.

Producing and delivering the Ambassadors of the Environment series to children in every corner of the world is inspired by watching how children from all cultures respond immediately to learning how the world works. The lessons and ideals contained in each episode will teach young viewers how to connect with the immediate environment around them. Our belief is they may then educate their family and friends in the program’s techniques of nurturing and interacting with our planet. As these children grow into adults, they will bring a much–needed respect for the world forward into the future.

AppSocial Media / Tingle.com

Ian Bell
Tingle, from AppSocial Media Inc., is a mobile dating network for the iPhone that combines real-time messaging, flirting and anonymous voice-calling with behavioural matching, location–based discovery, and innovative social gameplay.

“Tingle is designed as a spam–free, safe, convenient, and enjoyable place to make connections with other singles,” explains founder Ian Andrew Bell. “Once users are connected, they can text, share photos, email and even call each other without ever revealing their personal contact information.”

AyoxxA Living Health Technologies

Andreas Schmidt
Just imagine – if you could detect and measure hundreds of diseases in the most minute droplet of blood – Accurately, Reliably, Rapidly. AyoxxA Living Health Technologies is launching a new generation biochip merging leading edge biology with information technology. Our AyoxxA protein chip is the “iPhone® for Biology”. It’s a continuously expanding platform of biomedical assays. The chip precisely identifies and quantifies proteins, including markers for cancer, allergies, cardiovascular or infectious diseases.


Sekai Farai
Bandywagon is a member–based bartering economy for startups and entrepreneurs. Our bartering platform uses an alternative currency to facilitate exchanges among members.

Belli Ella

Matt Talbot
Belli Ella enables expectant mothers to access to a wide range of high quality brand name maternity wear at a price significantly lower than retail. Prices for high quality maternity clothes are wildly high – especially considering that the clothes will only be worn for a few months. Because of this dynamic, many women are left compromising her style and comfort. There currently is no option for women to get high quality everyday maternity wear at a reasonable price – until now. Belli Ella’s unique subscription based model lets our customer rent and exchange maternity clothes throughout her pregnancy so she can look and feel great without having to spend a fortune.

Capital Resource Center

Curtis Triggs
Capital Resource Center is designed in direct response from the frustrations of the small business owner. We heard their voices and now offer our hand in service. We have designed an online community of financial resources to help the average small business owners find access to capital.

As the economy changes, we see the strain and dramatic effects our recession is having on small business owners. As consultants, we see first hand their horror stories. Tight budgets resulting from depleted cash flow, slow invoice payments and tighter credit limits. Rather than sit back, we designed a resource center full of capital contacts to aid great business ventures.

We know even in a bad economy there are great business models and dreams. So, we called all of our banking and finance buddies and asked for all the options to raise capital for a business even if the bank says no…


Our mission is to connect small business owners with capital resources to make their venture a success.

We use online and offline networking to develop relationships that are key to the success of every small business... capital.

Charity Affairs

Jenn Bragg
History has shown that man has faced trials and struggle throughout his existence. But we have overcome our challenges and have risen above. However, if there is one thing history has taught us, it is that no matter how many obstacles we conquer, one challenge continues to rear its head time after time: “What is there to do tonight?”

Well, history is about to change.

In June 2009, a single volunteer searched desperately for information regarding a charity event for which she wanted to participate. She was left frustrated, as she could not find information in time and was unable to volunteer for the event; her talents went unutilized that evening.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, a group of friends were asking that age–old question, “What do we do tonight?”

These two seemingly unrelated issues have always been around, but a combined solution has never been found…

…until now.

Nothing like Charity Affairs has ever existed, yet it solves two problems which have always existed. Philanthropists are ending their evenings disappointed with the turnout and lack of awareness for their events. On the other end of the spectrum, friends and couples are always looking for something unique to do. Charity Affairs fills the needs of both groups by merging them together.

Charity Affairs is a one-stop shop for fundraisers and fun–raisers. The web site has a three–front appeal: It’s a centralized place where charities can list all of their events, eliminating unforeseen double-bookings. It’s also an event calendar where anyone that may be looking to volunteer can easily see every opportunity within their area. And finally, Charity Affairs is the place that answers the age–old question, “I don't know--what do you want to do tonight?”


Aaron Aycock
CubeVibe provides software for the future of management. We adapt the latest innovations in consumer web technology to help companies manage teams better by improving the communication, engagement, and relationships between managers and employees.

Custom Choice Cereal

Hajo Engelke
Inspired by a gluten-intolerant friend and his frustration with very limited gluten-free breakfast options, Custom Choice Cereal (www.customchoicecereal.com) was founded with the mission to make living gluten–free a fun and enjoyable experience. Through an easy–to–navigate website, we let everyone design their personal gluten–free cereal from over 2.5 billion combination possibilities. This unrivaled variety and only the highest quality ingredients result in great taste that makes the most important meal of the day an occasion to celebrate.

Carefully hand–blended and filled with healthy energy, you will taste the difference as much as you will feel it! For your safety, all cereal is stored and mixed in a dedicated gluten–free facility before we ship it conveniently to your doorstep.

Day2Night Convertible Heels

Candice Cabe
Day 2 Night convertible high heel shoes allow women to easily adjust their heel height in ½ inch increments going from a 1” kitten heel for walking to and from events (or for casual occasions) all the way up to a 4” sexy heel for a night out on the town. Our convertible heels allow women to feel comfortable, confident, and sexy at all times while keeping their feet pain free. We’ve eliminated the need to bring extra shoes in your purse while walking to work, traveling, or attending an event. Women want to look good in high heeled shoes but wearing them for a long time causes their feet to hurt so they either suffer in pain or have carry extra shoes in their bag. Many women want the same style of shoe in various heel heights for different occasions. The nail at the bottom of stilettos wears out very easily and bringing them to the cobblers is inconvenient and expensive. Our convertible shoes address all these problems by easily allowing women to put on the heel height they want.


Hilary DeCesare
Everloop is the world’s first website to create a private “social loop” around tweens’ connections online. Created specifically for 8 to 13 year olds, it provides a robust technology platform to enable purposeful self–expression, collaboration, and exploration within a privacy protected and secure online space. The site includes real–time communication tools like IM, group chat, SMS, and voice chat as well as rich, innovative customization tools. Everloop offers a safe, private C.O.P.P.A. compliant community for tweens, with a patent–pending Privacy Panel for parents to monitor their child’s online experience. Everloop also provides large consumer–facing brands with an opportunity to create their own online community experience for tween customers.

EZ GO-IN Solutions Inc.

Michael Bloomquist
EZ GO–IN Solutions has created DASH n GO Drive–Thru Market, the retail industries first full service “in–vehicle” shopping experience that utilizes a proprietary distribution system to achieve quick, secure, and efficient shopping for everyday wants and needs. This concept will significantly reduce shopping time, increase product/service values, while transforming each location into small clean-energy centers that achieves net-zero energy use. Newly constructed, existing, vacant sites are retrofitted to form a high–volume retail store that produces positive environmental results and profits.

When time is of the essence or the weather is dreadful, a DASH n GO employee will be waiting with your weekly grocery needs, cough medicine for that ailing child, or freshly-pressed clothes for that day’s presentation. There’s no need to park, search for items, or wait in line; simply order, drive to our convenient location and we’ll load it in your car then have you on your way. It’s the ideal, stress–free way to shop for almost everything that the large, impersonal grocery chains, big–box retailers and hard–to–find specialty shops offer. DASH n GO will revolutionize the way people shop and what they will come to expect in a retailer.

Our business plan is tailored to rival and compete with existing retail such as: convenience marts, grocery stores, specialty stores, big box retailers, gourmet markets, auto parts stores, quick–serve food outlets, hardware stores, wholesale clubs, and liquor stores.

Customers will order in a variety of ways including online, text, email, mobile devices, and via wireless tablet for detailed on–site shopping. Customers will rarely need exit the vehicle. Traffic flow, interior design, and a patent pending distribution system will allow for a quick, enjoyable, and safe shopping.

We don’t have everything you want, but we got what you thought you needed.

Fenix International

Michael Lin
Fenix designs and manufactures micro-power generation and smart energy storage solutions for the 1.6 billion people without electricity in Frontier Markets (e.g. India, Kenya).

Our ReadySet battery and solar, wind, hydro and bicycle generators empower entrepreneurs at the base of the economic pyramid to become “micro–utilities providers“ to their communities. Fenix entrepreneurs deliver environmentally and economically sustainable energy services such as clean LED light to replace dangerous and dirty kerosene lanterns and mobile phone charging which enables communications and even connectivity to real–time prices for their crops and mobile banking.

Fenix distributes and services these products via strategic partnerships with multinational telecoms, micro–finance institutions and NGOs.


If women started companies with the same capital as men, we’d add 6 million jobs to the economy in 5 years – 2 million in the first year alone! “Forget China, India and the internet: economic growth is driven by women,” declared The Economist in April 2006. Yet today U.S. women own 38% of businesses but earn just 4% of business revenue – particularly sad given women make 80% of ALL home spending decisions. Despite controlling the economy, lacking confidence, connections and capital, U.S. women have failed to come together to leverage their power to foster their own economic independence until now…

Combining advances in technology and social networking FundHer leverages the power of the crowd to provide women entrepreneurs with the funding of their dreams. According to the World Bank, “When women are the direct beneficiaries of credit, their repayment rates are higher in all regions of the world.” From a tactical perspective, FundHer isn’t setting out to recreate the wheel. Plenty of initiatives support women’s entrepreneurship. Instead FundHer will combine the best aspects and practices of crowdfunding site kickstarter (www.kickstarter.com) with the lean start–up and hockey stick growth curve of Paul Graham’s Y–Combinator (http://.ycomibinator.com) and the powerful community interaction of facebook (www.facebook.com).

The Giving Effect

Mitchell Silverman
The Giving Effect is a national movement getting food, gently–used items and more to people in need. We are like Kiva.org for in–kind donations. Like Kiva, on The Giving Effect, donors see where their items go and get a story they can share to inspire others to support causes they care about.

Most of us have lives filled with things we don’t use – shoes, food, clothes, computers, and more. At the same time, thousands of non-profits and civic–minded people are struggling to get basic items to people in their communities. We see an opportunity to connect these groups together.

Our approach is to mobilize people to donate items in a way that is more social and fulfilling for everyone. Using The Giving Effect, donors are given more choice regarding where items go, and they can see the impact of their donations. Non–profits in poor and under-served communities benefit from national exposure and from the power of the internet to mobilize citizens to take action. Most importantly, people in need get an army of advocates to champion their causes.

We envision a future which does not rely solely on slow–moving institutions to provide services to our communities. Instead, individuals and small organizations will use social media tools including The Giving Effect to significantly improve the lives of people around them.

Haiti Ventures

Marc Saint Clair
This project will start in Haiti but is scalable in other developing countries

Developing countries have been trying very hard to replicate the economic success and entrepreneurial revolution accomplishments spurred by Israel, Ireland and Taiwan Diaspora for many years to no avail. There are currently no modern day methodologies or success stories. The coping mechanism created by developing countries is remittance. As of today, remittance is mostly used to sustain life.

Entities such as USAID, World Bank and many others have been shouldering the burden of international development while overlooking the key to the solution: The Diaspora Once empowered, Diasporas can more effectively reach the markets in their countries of origin and support the sustainable economic growth that outside institutions have failed to do despite the countless resources spent. Modern time developing countries have been having a difficult time duplicating these efforts due to a mixture of cultural, economical force and regulatory constraints.

The product

“10% fund” is a fund initiative that enables Diaspora remittance users to automatically allocate 10% of their remittances, income or expertise to solve social and economical problems in their country.

It’s a 3 step process where,

Step 1: A 20 year fund is created via a Securities Brokerage institution in the US (to enable stock purchase from paychecks).

or Alternative to step 1

Alt Step 1: A limited partner bank in Haiti enable fund contributors to open a money market account in Haiti and directly channels their contribution from income tax, paychecks and other incomes.

Step 2: Work with a Money Transfer Organization (MTO) to enable users to join the 10% fund group. 10% of every transferred fund is transferred into their portfolio for mass investment.

Step 3: The fund contributors, not the managers, select the companies to be funded by online and paper vote.

Image Vision Labs

Steven White
IMAGE VISION LABS (IVL) is a software solutions company based in the City of Anna, Texas, developing the industry’s first Content Compliance and Moderation Platform? (CCMP?). IVL is currently pioneering machine vision, advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and visual object recognition techniques. The IVL automated, real-time audio and visual media recognition and moderation platform is focused on detecting and filtering nudity, copyrighted material, logos, motion and gestures, for User-Generated Content (UGC) within application and service providers’ networks.


Jolina Li
This interactive crowd–funded website will be a revolutionary marketplace for developing, marketing, and selling new innovative products. Inventors can post their products (whether it’s just an idea, a drawing or a prototype) to let the members (browsers) know about inventors’ new idea/invention and also allow them to vote, discuss, provide feedback and the chance to pre–order the products. We are a community and a company.

Integrated People

Waqas Khatri
By encouraging underprivileged communities in developing countries to showcase their handicrafts skills through the utilization of recyclables along with establishing a communication infrastructure to connect these communities to end–users and retailers in developed markets like the United States, Integrated People (IP) hopes to seed “cottage start–ups.” By marketing each unique handicraft product with a customized description/story of both the product and the artisan, IP will be able to connect retailers from developed countries to individuals/startups within our network of “innovation sandboxes” through a user–friendly online database.

IP is also experimenting with extending its reach into disaster relief areas to create income opportunities for individuals temporarily residing at relief camps, such that victims can return home to rebuild their lives with some capital in hand. Furthermore, the effort will discourage the mess that disaster–relief areas turn into due to lack of recyclable waste management, with a particular focus on turning the abundant plastic bags, in which the relief and donations are delivered, into marketable products.

Besides importing upcycled materials from places where there is a lack of infrastructure to recycle, our unique market-based poverty-alleviation solution is also aimed at circumventing micro–loan banks that charge 50–200% interest. Instead, our model relies on “fronting” the cost of production by retailers, enabling artisans to make a profit upon delivering their first batch.

Field experiments are currently ongoing in Pakistan where as the internet infrastructure and marketing strategies are under deployment at Pennsylvania State University and University of Central California. All developments are a direct consequence of efforts put in by a self–assembled group of students from various fields from Pakistan and the United States.

A temporary website (www.integratedpeople.org) has been put in place for initial marketing while the data–management system and interactive website will come online by January 2011.


Jennifer Chong
InVenture’s mission is to create partnerships between individuals and micro–enterprises through social investing to lift communities out of poverty. We founded InVenture in October 2009 with the belief that traditional microfinance models weren't doing enough to generate lasting social and economic growth. While $64 billion has been lent to start businesses in the developing world, there is currently little to no funding offered to help these micro-businesses grow. Business growth creates new economic opportunities and fights poverty by providing jobs and building commerce. While other forms of microfinance and aid can provide much–needed assistance to underserved communities, without sustainable business growth there is little hope for these communities to develop and ultimately escape poverty.

InVenture helps businesses grow by investing in them, not lending to them; InVenture and our online investors become their partners, not their creditors. We raise this investment capital through an online investment platform that empowers individuals to become a part of the fight against poverty. InVestors unleash the potential of the micro–businesses they invest in, enabling these small business owners to expand and to become engines for job creation and economic growth within their own communities. Additionally, our solution requires all participant business owners to re-invest a small portion of their revenue into their own communities. We work with our partner NGOs, international development organizations, and our entrepreneurs to find projects within their communities that can have a lasting and substantial impact.


AJ Ford
JobStock will also allow job seekers to transfer all of their Monster.com, CareerBuilder, and other job aggregator data to one central hub, as well as provide feedback for job seekers on their application efforts (similar to Mint.com providing weekly financial reports). By allowing users to select from an array of company performance variables (i.e. growth, employee satisfaction, company profitability) that are important to them, the map can display the “hot” companies that outperform other industry competitors and are best suited for those users’ core values.


Ryan Dover
LocalGrown is an online marketplace that allows farmers and consumers to interact and transact in real–time through the Internet. LocalGrown provides sustainable farms, ranches, and specialty purveyor’s cost–effective, easy-to-use tools to manage, promote, and sell their food shed to consumers, chefs, restaurants, CSA, school, etc. Likewise, LocalGrown enables businesses and consumers to search for food based on their personal preferences in their geo–targeted area.

Love Your Layover

Matylda Czarnecka
Love Your Layover turns an annoying layover into an opportunity for a mini travel adventure. The service gives you itineraries for layovers as brief as an hour to as long as 23 hours that are customized based on your location, how much time you have, what you’re in the mood for and whether you’d like to splurge or save.


Eduardo Garcia
myNurseToGo™ is a proprietary and patent pending on–line system that allows patients to access home health resources via an intuitive and easy–to–use interface, and allows hospital staff to manage these vendors. It reduces work for hospital staff, while at the same time ensuring high compliance and less liability for the healthcare organization. It ultimately empowers patients to have control over their own health care and well being. For more information, please visit www.mynursetogo.com

Nationwide Computer Systems, Inc

Mike Burns
New holding company formed to acquire existing webhosting and Internet access companies, along with their prior IPv4 address allocations. We believe these addresses will have significant value in the near future.

Neonatal Loving Kare

Nicole Kovalyak
“I designed Nurture Rest for Neonatal Nurses and the preemies they care for daily. This aide recreates a more in-utero feel for preemies and also provides “kangaroo care” in the incubator while keeping the head, neck, and spine aligned. This product will give nurses more to choose from in their daily role of repositioning and caring for these special preemies. It didn’t take me long to realize that there was a need for developmental positioning aides in the NICU. Various make–shift positioning aides were being fashioned, ranging from wash clothes being used under the neck to keep the baby in a sniffing position for good airway alignment, to blankets rolled to keep them on their side or help with boundaries. Since we encourage kangaroo care whenever possible (skin to skin bonding with Mom or Dad), and see the wonderful benefits the babies get from that experience, it led me to wonder if we could somehow simulate that position as well as it beneficial effects.

In August 2006, while at a leadership conference, I got flooded with ideas that ultimately lead to the Nurture Rest sketches. The funny thing was that, while I was drawing these rudimentary sketches, my husband, who was seated beside me, leaned over and asked me why I was “doodling” and not taking notes? I shrugged him off and kept writing and drawing. A few minutes later my husband elbowed me and again asked what I was doing? I showed him my notes and sketches, and he replied, ‘hey, I think you are onto something; keep going - you can borrow my notes if you want’. Even though my husband was the one diligently taking notes while I was “doodling,” he insists that I got more out of the lecture then he did! Those sketches were later fine tuned and, with the help of my father and his wife, the first Nurture Rest was born.”

NugZee World of Hunts

Kollin Day
Simply stated, NugZee has taken the scavenger hunting concept, loved and played by generations of traveling families, and combined it with today’s technology for today’s children, creating the revolutionary game NugZee World of Hunts. Specifically designed to entertain, educate and foster interactivity with real life, NugZee World of Hunts gives children a fun and healthy way to continue gaming by promoting involvement with the world around them instead of becoming exclusively lost and focused in screen play. The idea of NugZee World of Hunts is very simple for children to play and understand and easy for parents and grandparents to emotionally connect with, as it evokes memories of their childhood. By intertwining today’s technology, the fun of gaming and the healthy interaction of scavenger hunting, NugZee World of Hunts will become the first and only “win/win” solution to the gaming problem currently dominating our children’s lives.

NugZee World of Hunts is available now for download at www.nugzee.com for all PC and/or Mac users. The primary target market for NugZee World of Hunts is children (boys and girls) between the ages of 5 to 12.

Oferta, LLC

Jamie Reid
Oferta is an online conduit for businesses and insurance agents to exchange information via standardized applications and message boards in order to develop insurance quotes for the business. This process is unique in that businesses "authenticate" into a secure online environment, create profiles, upload loss information, safety programs, etc that fully describe their business. The business can even refer offline solicitors to the bid information online. Message boards can be utilized for any additional information that is needed with complete upload/download document capability. Messages are pushed to the users emails and stored online so that users may review the history.

Oferta does not sell insurance and it does not intend to replace the valued business to agent relationship, but rather provide a method to exchange information efficiently as possible with participating agents. This software will change the way businesses procure insurance in the near future.


Carlin Gettliffe
Omniar ties online information to real world objects. The individual shapes of products, buildings, art, and places become a unique visual fingerprint that any smartphone can instantly recognize in order to deliver relevant information. Omniar’s software is offered as a simple toolset and API to retailers, real estate agents, game publishers, marketers, museums and more to build their own branded apps. Within days, these customers can publish apps in which simply pointing a smartphone camera at a house, statue, car, painting, etc. brings any needed information right to the user, replacing dozens of steps and guesswork for the end consumer. Omniar makes the real world clickable.

OsComp Systems

Pedro Santos
Compression costs affect the entire natural gas supply chain. From wellheads all the way until the end user, compression plays an integral role in the costs of natural gas. In the US, natural gas compressors consume a net >$50 billion in fuel and generate >120 million tons of CO2 each year.

Natural gas compressors are a $7.2 billion/yr market. In addition, natural gas use and compression is expected to experience continued strong growth in the future.

OsComp Systems’ team of engineers from MIT has invented a breakthrough, patent-pending compression technology that reduces operating and capital costs of compression by over 30%.

Prepared Small Business

Donna Childs
My startup builds resilience in the small business community. Small businesses account for more than one-half of all employment in the U.S. and startups for nearly all net new job creation. But the rate of failure is quite high, in part, because small businesses are uniquely vulnerable to disasters. According to the Institute for Business & Home Safety, 25% of small businesses fail to re-open following a major disaster; a figure it believes could be improved with modest preparation. (And that alarming statistic doesn’t take into consideration the consequences of “minor” or localized disasters, such as power outages, fires and the like.) This new venture is a social enterprise with a critical mission: building resilience into small businesses. I have written a book on small business disaster preparedness and recovery that was published by John Wiley & Sons Inc. The genesis of the book was my experience as a small business owner in the immediate vicinity of the World Trade Center on 9–11–01.

The first product offering of the business will be to certify trainers and offer a “train–the–trainer” program on a fee for delivery basis. I have identified partner organizations of the training programs to local small businesses in their communities. The second offering is the training itself; this venture will sell the workbooks and facilitator’s guides to the certified partners who can then mark them up to cover their costs and deliver the training locally. The training covers everything from data backup and network security to training employees on business resilience. Small businesses that complete the training may benefit from discounts on their commercial insurance premiums with partner companies. Then we will offer an affiliate referral service to providers who can help implement resilience plans, such as IT consultancies. The startup will have multiple revenue streams.


Dinesh Ganesarajah
$50bn dollars is spent each year in research at academic institutions. Industry licenses only $2bn of this each year. It is widely accepted that technology transfer from universities to industry is ineffective.

PreScouter enables greater technology transfer by increasing the transparency of research conducted in academia. Research labs in industry subscribe to a monthly report, tailored to them, that describes research coming out of academia that they might be interested in commercializing.

Proof Sunglass Company

Brooks Dame
Proof is a wood eyewear company that unlike other companies, who use metal or plastic manufactures its sunglasses from sustainable wood sources. We think that the wood medium adds a warmth and look that other materials can’t replicate. The silhouettes of our eyewear are classic looking shapes and styles that anyone can appreciate.

Sustainability is a key component in Proof’s DNA. We only use wood species that are harvested in a sustainable manner and won’t adversely impact the environment. We offer a sunglass–recycling program and even our packaging is eco–friendly. We strive to look for opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment whenever possible.

Proof also thinks that good business and social endeavors aren’t mutually exclusive. They should actually be equal partners. To this end, Proof has made a commitment to support worthwhile causes. Proof has partnered with an eye clinic in India that performs sight–giving surgeries for those who can’t afford it. Proof will donate a large portion of each sale to this cause.

Proof’s mission is simple Look Good. Do Good.


Stas Samarin
Our software uses the data from the chest CT, and archives accurate, non-invasive detection and diagnosis of lung cancer.

PulmoCAD competitive advantages:

As a result, PulmoCAD system allows to initiate treatment earlier, and thus to improve treatment outcomes, as well as significantly reduce the number of follow–up CT scans and unnecessary needle biopsies.

Resolute Marine Energy

Olivier Ceberio
In the world, 1.2B people lack access to safe drinking water, however 37% of them live in coastal area where they have access to an untapped and clean energy resource: ocean waves. Resolute Marine Energy (RME) is developing wave energy converters (WEC) that generate clean energy from ocean waves. Our near–term goal is to complete development and commercialization by 2012 of a wave–driven seawater desalination system that operates completely “off–grid” and fills a huge gap in the market for seawater desalination systems.

RME will sell and maintain plants to municipalities in coastal area in developing nations. Each plant comprises 50 proprietary WECs that pressurize seawater to drive 10 integrated R/O desalination systems developed by a partner. It would produce enough to cover the needs of 10,000 people in our launch market at a cost 33% than what they are currently paying.

RME has focused on South Africa as its launch market because many of its coastal communities suffer from severe water scarcity, it has abundant near–shore wave resources and the risks of introducing a new technology there are manageable. Most importantly, South Africa has strong political will to solve its water supply problems and can easily pay for our system. During a visit in March 2009, we met with several municipalities, established links with key stakeholders and secured a commitment to conduct pilot tests in the District of Ugu in Kwazulu–Natal in 2012.

Government grants financed most of our R&D effort. We were recently awarded an additional $1.2M in grants from the DOE to continue our development. This will cover 70% of our financing need to have a prototype working in Maine by 2011.

We’re seeking a two–tranche investment of $3.4M: $400K to complement the $1.2M grant we received and finalize prototyping and $3M to go from prototyping to commercialization.

SecureWaters, Inc.

Robert Clark
Our company has licensed patented technology from the Oak Ridge National Laboratories that is used to detect toxins in public water sources of surface water. This technology can be used to detect the accidental or intentional contamination of water, thus providing an early warning detection system.

Seguro Surgical

Steven Kubisen
Seguro Surgical develops and markets medical devices to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of major abdominal surgeries (4.7 M procedures per year). Our platform technology is exclusively licensed from Johns Hopkins Univeristy. Lap Pak for open addominal surgery is currently on market. We are also developing an enhanced Lap Pak with improved post operative adhesion reduction benefits ($15 Billion US healthcare cost reduction opportunity).


Lisa Morales–Hellebo
57% of all online purchases start at a search engine rather than the only 18% that begin at a retail site. ShopSuey is a search engine that delivers results as visually merchandised groups of related goods. You can then dynamically modify the groups by applying filters (for example changing a $5000 head to toe outfit into the closest match for $500). There is a layer of social influence where we map your Style Profile (or Style DNA) to others like you, so the more they shop, the smarter your recommendations get, like Pandora. And of course there is a universal cart to check out from multiple stores on one site. ShopSuey delivers efficiencies for both the consumers and retailers and are ultimately creating the Retail Graph, much like Facebook owns the Social Graph.

Snuggle Cloud

Shivam Srivastava
Snuggle Cloud brings romance to the cloud.

Long distance relationships can be absolutely miserable! Couples use ten different ways to communicate and it’s impossible to keep track of things or feel connected.

We enable couples to share messages, pictures, links, etc super easily and put all their communication in one place. We also build analytics and tools like a mood meter for couples to track how their relationship is going. By putting all this data in one place, we are able to provide services like remind couples about important anniversaries, give gift suggestions and search through things they have shared.

Snuggle Cloud fills the gap between dating sites and services catering to engaged couples. We help couples stay in love and feel connected all the time.


Richard Dixon
SuperAgent® is a three year old Software Development Internet Company and Health Benefits Insurance Company that has launched an analytics comparison system for the Health Insurance Industry called “SuperAgent.com”. The healthcare insurance industry carriers and agents are financially motivated to propose plans with the highest premiums and create confusion causing the small business owner to pay far too much. SuperAgent provides analytic tools for unbiased comparison of over 330 healthcare insurance plans in California and changes the way we compare, evaluate, rank, and buy healthcare insurance plans. SuperAgent is an “Industry Paradigm Shift” as it changes the price of a health insurance plan to the value of a plan when used. Other industries have led the way with comparative software tools such as Lending Tree, MorningStar, Progressive and Bright Scope in 401K analysis, but SuperAgent is the “first of its kind” in the Healthcare Insurance Industry. The industry compounds matters by making it confusing and misleading. SuperAgent® provides transparency and removes the confusion/deception that the major carriers create by comparing the total cost of healthcare insurance plans sold in California today for each employee in the company and then “stress tests” each plan by claim level to see true performance of plans and provides easy to understand graphs and charts with a take home edition. SuperAgent® core technology performs over 2 million calculations ranking plans in less than 20 seconds. The Company has targeted the 1.1M (7M nationally) small businesses with industry focus in California to use SuperAgentŪ and sell health insurance as broker of record. The Company will launch national health insurance sales campaign in 21 states covering 78% of the total market in 2011. The company is in revenue growth stage, has been founder funded, but just launched its initial outside investor round of funding in October, 2010.

Tactical Information Systems

Mary Haskett
Tactical Information Systems (TIS) has created a platform for biometric matching in the cloud. This means we can do low-cost matching of fingerprints, palm prints, iris and face images. Our first product, WanderID (www.wanderid.com) uses face matching to provide identification services for people who cannot reliably identify themselves in case of an emergency, such as young children. People with Alzheimer’s disease or similar cognitive disorders also benefit from the service.

Our core is our cloud–based biometric matching platform which allows us to do biometric matching at a price point that is disruptive. The first product is WanderID. We are currently planning the next product to be released – CloudID. The goal for CloudID is to take the very expensive biometric matching tools available currently to only the largest of organizations and make them available as a cloud–based service to small and medium sized police stations.

We are a lean startup and have received no outside funding. Mary Haskett is a serial entrepreneur with two successful exits behind her. Previous to founding TIS, she founded HCI Training, a company that designed and developed high end custom corporate training projects. HCI was hired to develop training for biometrics projects being deployed in the Middle East and was eventually acquired by a defense contractor.

Dr. Alex Kilpatrick started his career in the Air Force, where he earned a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology. He did work for DARPA on Social Network Analysis before working in biometrics. He was the technical lead for the Iraqi AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) and the Afghanistan ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) and has designed and developed many biometrics systems still in use in the Middle East.


Luka Sklizovic
TekTrak is a mobile software company that has developed a smartphone security application which allows users to track their smartphones if they are lost or misplace, and secure any private or sensitive data stored on the devices.

Unlimited Juice

Landon Spitalnik
Unlimited Juice is a startup formed to develop and commercialize practical alternative energy power sources for consumer electronics products. The first product line is an after–market add–on allowing consumers to retrofit their existing PDAs for supplemental solar power.


Morgan Hermand
VisitorsCafe enables to socialize the web content by enabling visitors present on a given site at the same time to talk to each other, being relevantly matched. The technology can be integrated under the shape of a "talk button" or as a full widget, and matches people based on both their demographics (e.g., age, sex, experiences, miscellaneous) and their video chat behaviors (e.g., extravert, introvert, smiling or not). It is patent pending in the US and in EU.


Reed Benet
Until we get full, fair, lifecycle based, granular, and perhaps most importantly politically bulletproof visibility into all the social and environmental costs of non–green products such as fossil fuels, green products will nearly always be at a significant competitive disadvantage. And we will continue to fight gravity by failing to utilize the power of true free market driven solutions. WIKOLOGY.COM is a new paradigm commercial, legislative, regulatory, and public action facilitating “wisdom of crowds” based lifecycle builder, data wiki, consensus opinion determiner, and base lines setter. It will fix all this by utilizing (1) the infinite dimensionality, connectability, accessibility, and granularity of the Internet, and (2) Wikipedia type but improved structure and rules based inputs of academics, students, experts, and passionate laypeople. Wikology starts by tackling carbon emissions, yet its BHAG is to eliminate the “tragedy of the commons” for all products and processes. Wikology projects a multitude of rapid growth allowing revenue sources but eventually expects to be bought out by Google for Wikology’s unique combination of can-do solutions, revenues, eyeballs, and ethics.

Wing Power Inc

Kahoru Watanabe
Our focus is the development of vertical platform small wind/solar hybrid turbines. The systems are focused around a patented technology based on its airplane wing derived blade design & wind scoop feature. The blades operate on the Bernoulli Principle,reducing drag and using lift to its advantage.

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